61901 LLU/LLB CN A5 - ABEC 5 (Radial) - 12x24x6

61902 LLU/LLB A5 - ABEC-5 Radial Bearing (CN Clearance) - 15mm x 28mm x 7mm Enduro ABEC-5 radial bearings feature 52100 High-Carbon Chromium alloy races paired with grade 10 Balls. Enduro engineers all of our radial bearings with deeper grooves to accommodate the largest balls possible, providing maximum bearing contact area and greatly increased bearing life. Designed specifically for bicycle applications, the LLU/LLB seal combination on these bearings utilizes a more protective gray LLU seal facing outward, towards the elements, to reduce contamination from water or dirt, while the lighter-contact (less seal-drag) black LLB seals facing inward keep the 90% fill Mobil XHP 222 high pressure grease where it belongs. This size bearing is generally used as a hub bearing and can be used as a pivot bearing, though the MAX-type version of this bearing is better suited for suspension use. The Enduro line of bearings are available in high-carbon chromium steel, 440C stainless steel, ceramic-hybrid and XD15 with ceramic or stainless balls. Our bearings are always engineered with deepest groove races possible to accommodate the largest balls and feature dual-lip seals that ride in a micro-groove creating a full labyrinth to provide superior protection against the elements.
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Unit price €12.99
Barcode 811780028388
Supplier part number BB 61901 LLU/LLB A5-bag
Size description 12x24x6
Product weight description 20.9